Phenom-World is a leading global supplier of desktop scanning electron microscopes and imaging solutions for sub-micron scale applications. The SEM systems are used in a broad range of markets and applications. Phenom-World BV is based in the high-tech region of Eindhoven in the Netherlands. This strategic position and collaboration with partners FEI Company ,NTS-Group & Sioux embedded systems give Phenom-World access to the newest technologies and best resources.

Desktop Scanning Electron Microscopes

4 Standalone Models

PRO-X ( with EDS )

Magnification : 20 - 130,000X
Resolution : 14nm
5, 10 & 15 kV Acceleration Voltage
Fully Integrated EDS Analysis
19? Touch Screen Interface +
Application Platform Pro-Suite PC
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Magnification : 20 - 130,000X
Resolution : 14nm
5 & 10 Acceleration Voltage Upgradeable to Pro-Suite & EDS
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Magnification : 20 - 30,000X
Resolution : 30nm
5kV Acceleration Voltage Upgradeable to Pro-Suite
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XL (Large samples )

Magnification : 20 - 100,000X
Resolution : 20nm
5, 10 & 15 kV Acceleration Voltage
Upgradeable to Pro-Suite and SE Detector
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  • SEM Use in Education / R&D
  • Materials and Metallurgy Studies
  • R&D / QC for Automotives & Avionics
  • Pharmaceutical Industry to identify Particles & categorize and classify the morphology of fine particles and tablets
  • QC Semiconductors /Microelectronics
  • Fast screening for high-end research
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Tribology studies in Industry
  • Inspection of Medical Micro Devices
  • Prescreening of high-end SEM samples

Sample Holders for Powders, Metallurgical Samples, Stones, Polymers, Paper, Ceramics, Glass, Microdevices, Microelectronics Semiconductors , Micro Tools and Biological Samples & many many more !

Special Charge Reduction Sample Holder for Non Conducting samples ; for viewing without coating

  • Pro Suite Software Package
  • Automated Image Mapping
  • 3D Roughness Reconstruction
  • Fibermetric for fibres & textiles
  • Particle metric software

UNIQUE Application Packages for PHENOM

  • Element Mapping & Line Scan

    Reveal distribution of elements within a sample

  • EDS Spectrum Analysis

    With Auto Peak identification & periodic table analysis

  • Particle-Metric

    Auto Particle Measurement & Statistical Study

  • Fiber-Metric

    Auto Fiber Analysis of diameters & pore sizes

  • 3D Roughness Reconstruct

    Generate 3D images & roughness measurements

  • Automated Image Mapping

    Automatically map large FOV images in high resolution

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